Monday, January 25, 2010

Reality Shows ... Which ones make the cut ...

So as a new season of reality shows begins, I thought I'd take a look at some of my favorites and not so favorites.

 At the top of the list is Project Runway ... while Heidi and Tm, Nina and Michael were battling out with Brava and Lifetime networks, I tried to get into some of the copycat fashion shows ... like Launch My Line and the other one with Isaac Mizhri -- The Fashion Show.  I must say -- both disappointing.  Launch My Line didn't even take fashion designers, people who could sew, but rather just people who thought they could be designers and matched them with experts who basically do all the work.  The message here that bugs me is that anyone can be designer and launch a line without paying their dues in the trenches.  For heaven's sake, if you want to be a designer, why not take a few sewing classes and learn the craft.

The Fashion Show used designers, but there wasn't a high level of talent.  The problem with both shows in my opinion and where they miss Project Runway -- is that they don't have a Tim Gunn.  While the hosts go visit with the designers, they don't tell them anything, just sort of stare at their designs and not say a word.  It's awkward and not particularly interesting.  When Tim gets in there and tells them where they're heading wrong, that's fun and entertaining.  So I hope if these other shows continue, they'll offer some helpful insights.

But while I love Project Runway -- the Models of the Runway that follows after seems like a waste of 30 minutes.  There's about 5 minutes worth of excitement.  Again, they've built a show on nothing.  The models don't control their own destiny.  Being good doesn't necessarily mean they'll win.  Being likable or bitchy makes no difference either.  This show would be so much better if something happened ... or if they force the designers to shake things up.

As a writer, I tend to analyze the shows and it's so glaringly obvious where some of them are going wrong.

So what's your favorite reality show?  And do you ever wish you could rewrite the rules and make it better?

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  1. I LOVE Project Runway - in my heart I'm a budding fashion designer even though I can't sew LOL. My other fave reality shows are Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen (love Gordon Ramsay) and I occasionally check in on The Housewives of Orange County. Can't do The Bachelor anymore ... just toooo fake.